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What is Modular?

Modular construction is a process in which buildings are built off-site in factories, under strict quality controls, but using the same building codes and standards as conventional construction methods.
The buildings are manufactured in modules, which are transported to the
construction site and assembled.

By 2050 the Middle East and Africa will be home to around 3.4 billion people- this is likely to be more than the populations of China and India combined (World
Economic Forum, May 2018)

What we do?

Accent offers innovative, sustainable construction delivery methods utilizing off-site, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multiple – storey whole building solutions in deliverable module sections. Accent’s modules can be integrated into site-built projects or standalone as a turn-key solution and can be delivered with MEP, fixtures and interior finishes in less time – with less waste, and higher quality control compared to projects utilizing only site-built construction. Based on research, its proven that modular construction offers cost saving and energy efficient solution for the construction industry.

Accent has delivered more than 1 Billion sq.ft estimated at US$ 80mn of constructed sites since 2003 and has built over 15,000 modular units comprising of retail, recreational, commercial, institutions, residential, industrial and healthcare.

Accent has a state-of-the-art production facility covering 20,000 square meter area and has a capacity to build over 400 modular buildings in a month. For over two decades, Accent has been serving the growing needs of the Construction & Oil & Gas Sector. With our sound knowledge and expertise of 18 years in the industry, we assure our clients best practices. Such an approach to business has enabled us to become the market leaders in the MENA region.

Tailor-Made Design

Flexibility of designing and tailoring the building to your needs. To fit with your exact space and budget requirements.

Design & Build Time frame

Can be completed 30-40% quicker than traditional construction. Off-site construction process helps in minimizing time and environmental delays.

Labor Shortages

By approaching construction in the most effective way, Accent focuses on efficient use of skilled labor with a safer work environment.


Temperature controlled, indoor environment shortens the overall construction timeline and increases high-end quality of products and services.

Cost Saving

Cost-effective and are built in a shorter construction time. provide a comprehensive Design and Build solution, from concept to installation reducing the overall building expense.

Durable Materials

The materials used for internal walls improve sound insulation and fire-proofing, and modular building structures are extremely airtight which ensures their

The Modular Construction Process

Accent conceptualizes and designs a highly customized modular unit as per customer requirement. We consult with your team and guides them through the complete design process, pre-defining the look and feel of the project.

Modular construction permit process and approvals allow for all stipulated building codes and regulations as needed by the local authorities

Ground investigation and excavation works are carried out at project site while at the same time, Accent begins the module building off-site at a controlled factory environment.

On completion of ground works, Accent transports the modules which are 95% complete, ready to be fitted in a pre-planned order.

On project completion, Accent cleans and restores the site and hands over the property to the Client